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 Paranormal Investigation – Halloween at the Town Hall

Paranormal Investigation – Halloween at the Town Hall

Thu 31 October 2024

This amazing building has been host to rumours of hauntings since for decades.

Built in the 1880s, this historic building has been rumoured to house the ghost of Oscar Nevin, a sailor, died by hanging in the cells that are housed beneath Middlesbrough Town Hall (yes they are accessed in the investigation!). Since his passing, Oscar’s spirit has been seen wandering the corridors and cells of the Town Hall.

There have also been sightings of an apparition of a Victorian lady in period dress. Rumour has it that she fell from a balcony in the town hall, and has been seen throughout the building ever since.

Other reports of sudden temperature changes, the feeling of being watched and shadows have been seen, with doors closing without explanation.

Who would like to come and see what we can find in this huge historical building?

Please note the investigation runs from 7pm to 10pm and is suitable for those 18 and over.

Booking Details


Thu 31 October 2024




Doors Open 6:30pm


£32.50 including £2.50 booking fee