Booking Fees

Following a review of our booking fees in March 2019 we revised our charges and have made it clearer and more transparent for you, our customers, to make decisions when booking tickets.

When you buy a ticket to an event, the value of that ticket goes to the event organiser in order to pay for that event (venue hire, equipment hire, artist fees, advertising etc.) and Middlesbrough Town Hall do not take any of the ticket money.

So although you are paying our Box Office for tickets we’re only acting as a middle man by passing that money on to the event organiser

When you’re booking with us, whether it’s in person, online or over the phone, we’ll always be sure to give you a clear breakdown of exactly what charges are involved by displaying the ticket price separate to the booking fee.

Booking fees are an industry standard, comparative analysis has been done and we fare favourably compared to similar venues. This small charge helps us to continue to offer a box office facility rather than having to refer customers through to external booking agencies where the fees are much higher.

From May 2019 we are going to be reinvesting 50% of the Booking Fee back into our Community Engagement programme & the Building itself – so we can keep offering free or low cost classes to the Middlesbrough community, offering free ticket schemes for our Classical series and free community events.

The remaining 50% of the booking fee will go towards a variety of costs incurred by selling tickets – including the cost of our Box Office System, Card transaction costs, Administration, Staffing costs, Banking Costs, Website hosting & Maintenance.

All Community & Engagement Events will retain the 50p per ticket booking fee, and in instances that we offer free tickets, classes or sessions there will be no booking fee charged.