Take Part

Middlesbrough Town Hall is a vibrant and exciting hub of creative activities and events. We believe that the opportunity to take part in and experience great musical, cultural and heritage programmes should be accessible to everyone. Over the coming months, the Town Hall will introduce a programme of workshops, classes and projects for people of all ages and abilities designed to engage and inspire.

Our newly refurbished venue will feature some new spaces which are perfect for a much wider range of imaginative arts activities, as well as an engaging heritage programme of tours and talks. Keep an eye on this page for more information in the coming weeks, and be part of our growing community of creative participants.

MTH Performing Arts

MTH Performing Arts offers students a unique opportunity to develop and increase skills in acting, voice work, singing, dancing, and movement. It’s a chance to not only learn new performance techniques, but also build confidence, improve communication skills, and give your child the chance to be part of a company where they can make new friends for life.

Find out more about MTH Performing Arts.

MTH Community Choir

Led by local international opera singers Emily Smith and Dave Pisaro, the MTH Community Choir is a friendly and accessible group who enjoy singing for fun. The weekly sessions introduce, or extend, good vocal technique through performing a mixture of world and folk, operatic, and musical theatre songs.

Find out more about the MTH Community Choir.