So WTF is a Creative Factory?

You are warmly welcomed to join Creative Factory and guests to discuss WTF is a Creative Factory.

Date: Wednesday 21 November
Time: 6 – 9pm
Venue: Courtroom

In the courtroom of Middlesbrough’s refurbished Town Hall, a series of quick fire presentations and provocations will lay out and inform what Creative Factory is trying to achieve with and for the artists of Middlesbrough.

Presenters include Gordon Dalton (artist / Creative Factory Producer); Mark Parham (Curator), Hannah Roderick (Camarados Boro); Nick Malyan (Empty Shop), Emily Hesse (artist) and Susan Jones (researcher and writer on artists’ matters) with others to be confirmed. If you are interested in presenting please get in touch.

There will be lots of opportunity for artists to discuss and debate new ideas rather than being talked to from the stage.

Topics will no doubt include getting paid, Brexit, class, diversity, opportunities, space provision, privilege, mental health, paying your gas bill, etc – anything goes so let us know what you’d like to be discussed.

There will be a Wheel of Art Justice prompting topics, along with soap boxes and snowball Q&A sessions preceded over by the one, (and thank God) only, Judge Grinder (wait and see!)

So WTF is a Creative Factory? It is not a building. It is an idea. We are putting artists and creative thinking at the centre of our approach, to make new opportunities and possibilities for Middlesbrough. Artists here are not only welcomed, but listened to, inspired, nurtured, supported, and given a much wider perception of success and a broader understanding of what a long term career can be.

Creative Factory is where being creative is work, where artists get paid and are valued members of society, contributing to Middlesbrough’s future.

Working together means we will build a strong sense of ownership and pride, which brings a deeper sense of purpose. Be generous, share your knowledge and respect other people in a friendly manner. We like critical thinking. We don’t like rude people.

Stay curious and don’t be afraid to ask. Shy bairns get nowt.

So WTF…is an informal gathering where every opinion is both valid and open for discussion. We like to promote the good stories but don’t shy away from the bad ones.

Whilst networking is important, not everybody feels comfortable with that at first. We can provide 1-2-1 sessions and quiet spaces at events.

Free copies of Version.1.0 of the Creative Factory Code of Conduct will be available. This is an ongoing, collaborative document that outlines ways of working.

There is free tea & coffee and a pay bar available.

All our events are pay what you please.

If you have something to say, promote, discuss or get of your chest get in contact asap –

[email protected]

INSTAGRAM: @creative_boro_factory
FACEBOOK: Creative Factory Middlesbrough

Creative Factory is Middlesbrough’s Great Place Tees Valley project and supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund.