Pilgrims’ Way

Date: Thursday 1 November 2018
Time: 8:00pm
Venue: The Courtroom
Tickets: £14.00 + booking fee

Stand and Deliver by Pilgrims’ Way!

Meet the highwaymen, robbers, and brigands of England in this energetic and entertaining new show from Pilgrims’ Way.

Incorporating over 40 instruments, a dozen songs, and a riotous feel-good energy throughout, this is a magnificent tour-de-force by a band at the absolute peak of their overdraft.

With influences starting in early music, passing through Playford and the Morris traditions, picking up prog, soul, and pop, it’s impossible to categorise the sound they make as folk music is fed through their unique steam driven sound-mincing engine.

Formed be default under a Stockport put table in early 2010 by Ed, Tom, and past member, Lucy Wright, Pilgrims’ Way has grown in incorporate a dazzling array of instrumentation and millinery. With the extraordinary omni-skilled musician Jon Loomes (22 instruments played on Red Diesel!), and champion Renaissance woodwind parper and oboe wrangler Jude Rees along the way, the prospect of an early night is slim.

No cow is too sacred, no juxtaposition too ambitious. Pigeonhole at your peril. Wear a yellow carnation in your buttonhole. Password; ‘How’s your father?’

Off the back of acclaimed albums ‘Wayside Courtesies’ (2011) and ‘Red Diesel’ (2016), and ‘Stand and Deliver’ (October 2017), the band are out on the road again. Prime the mild pump, waterproof the revolving mirror ball, and strap on your dancing trousers!

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