Gather & Sing Tomorrow

Date: Friday 19th October 2018
Time: 1:30pm
Doors: 1.00pm
Venue: Main Hall
Tickets: £3 + Booking Fee

Back in June 2018, children from 14 primary schools from across the Tees Valley travelled to London’s Royal Festival Hall to perform Rainbow Nation: Gather and Sing along with children from other areas celebrating the hope of tomorrow through music and song. The show was a resounding success, bringing together the proud heritage of diverse areas, individuals and communities and demonstrating the difference we can all make if we stand and sing together, with our voices raised as one.

Now, some of the Tees Valley children involved, including pupils from Brambles, Dormanstown, Pennyman and Wilton Academies present Gather and Sing Tomorrow in a ‘homecoming’ gig at the Town Hall, supported by a team of top class musicians led by composer and educator Pete Churchill, with Katie Teage, Adam Saunders and more.