21st Century Vox – Ken Masters Beat Boxing Workshop

Date: Saturday 19 January 2019
Time: 2pm – 3pm
Venue: Police Cells
Tickets: Free

Ken Masters is a Hip Hop educator and artist specialising in rap, beatbox and composition.

Through Knowledge Movement, Kens aim is to utilise his experience in community arts delivery, mixed with his long standing position in North-East Hip Hop culture as a performer and event host, to develop an inclusive delivery model that promotes the positive aspects at the core of Hip Hop.

Through events and programmes of activity such as Just Jam, B.A.R.S. and Konnect, the benefits of self expression have been established as integral to the delivery model. More specifically, the art of rap, spoken word and other alternative vocal mediums like beatbox and vocal percussion provide a wider range of accessibility to the use of voice in art.

For 21st Century Vox Ken will be hosting a live composition session with a loop station and incorporating various vocal styles including rap and beatbox.

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