Orange Pip Kitchen

Just when you thought the Town Hall couldn’t get any better, it did! Welcome to Orange Pip Kitchen!

An experience like no other, we’ll be tickling taste buds and dazzling diners while supporting regional fare, independent chefs, creative cooks and food-pioneers.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 4pm.

Every three months, a fabulous new team will take over Orange Pip Kitchen, giving all you lovely local (and regional) foodies an ever-changing experience to look forward to. We guarantee your first visit will definitely not be your last!

First up is Luke Harding, owner of The Waiting Room in Eaglescliffe, who’ll be kicking off his residency with a contemporary menu of vegetarian street food, bringing you culinary flavours from around the world. Look out for:

  • Spinach, mushroom and feta curry – £8.90
  • Pea burger with tamarind ketchup – £7.90
  • Brazilian black bean chilli burrito – £6.90
  • Halloumi and aubergine salad-stuffed pita – £6.50
  • Squash, kale, white grape and olive salad – £6
  • Waldorf baked sweet potato – £4.90

How to find us: come into the Town Hall through the Albert Road entrance. Just keep walking straight ahead until you reach foodie paradise!

Seating at Orange Pip Kitchen Seating at Orange Pip Kitchen