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 It’s Time To Take A Stand

It’s Time To Take A Stand

Sun 10 July 2022

It’s Time to Take a Stand’ is a MTHPA theatre company original production with music from various known musicals. The script has been co-created by its members and was born out of a writing task “I have the power to…”
“I have the power to make a difference”
“I have the power to help others”
“I wish I had the power to go back in time and change my mistakes” and there we had it…. Time travel.
The performance follows the characters Jade, Isaac and Winona who time travel back in time to 1920s Middlesbrough where they are thrown into factory working life and meet Red Ellen, the first female MP for Middlesbrough.

Tickets for this event are ‘Pay As You Feel’.

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Sun 10 July 2022




Doors open 18:45pm


Pay as you feel