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 Bandjam Beginners – Aged 9 – 12 years approx

Bandjam Beginners – Aged 9 – 12 years approx

Tue 28 September 2021 - Tue 14 December 2021

Bandjam beginners is for young people who would like to start learning a musical instrument but are unsure what they would like to learn and would like the opportunity to try a few different things. These are small group sessions covering guitars, drums and singing. Young people will learn the basics in small groups in a tuition style environment, and they will have the opportunity to move between the groups every 6 weeks, or stay on the same instrument if they prefer.

Young people in these beginner groups have the option to stay in the small groups or progress onto Bandjam juniors once they are confident with the basics on their chosen instrument.

Bandjam operates as four groups for different ability levels and the music leaders will be able to advise if and when a young person is ready to move into Bandjam Juniors, as we recognize that each young person is on their own unique musical journey.

If you would like to come along for a taster session, these can be booked online for the first session of each half term

Booking Details


Tue 28 September 2021 - Tue 14 December 2021




Lessons are 5pm - 5.45pm


Fees payable half termly in advance. Full Price £4 per session, Discounted rate £2 per session. Some bursary supported places available. People wanting to book a free taster session can book online for the first date of each term (14th Sept or 2nd Nov)