As ‘A Town Hall for the 21st Century’ we are ambitious, generous, resilient and sustainable, the beating heart of the Tee Valley’s civic and cultural life. We are a town hall for everyone; for every citizen of Middlesbrough and beyond.

Middlesbrough Town Hall brings communities together through the universal language of music and the arts. It’s a space where arts, culture, and democracy come together.

We are an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation, which means we are in receipt of £249,000 of funding every year from 2018 – 2022. We are committed to using this funding to create events, programmes, and activities at the Town Hall which are accessible and enjoyable for everyone
in Middlesbrough.

In 2019, we will invite you to join our Cultural Congress, a group of citizens coming together to shape how the Town Hall can meet the needs of people in Middlesbrough, how it can be a vibrant hub for innovation and collaboration; on everything from the cafe to the gift shop, the events to performances and community outreach programmes.

This year we will:

  • Get more people of all ages trying and watching classical music in Middlesbrough and the Tees Valley
  • Make sure that everything we do at the Town Hall from employment to the events are inclusive and representative of Middlesbrough
  • Work in partnership with the citizens and communities of Middlesbrough to create a relevant Town Hall for the 21st century
  • Be the go-to place for live music in the Tees Valley
  • Develop a Town Hall that is commercially successful and has a long and stable presence in the region