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A Profile of Middlesbrough Town Hall Town Hall Box office: 01642 729 729 Wed 28 Jun 2017
Getting Into the Live Events Industry - By Carolyn Clayton

Are you looking for a job in the Events Industry but are struggling to get your foot on that ladder? Maybe you have recently been to a concert or festival which has made you realise you're in the wrong job and your future is in the events industry. There are many specialist recruitment companies you could enlist the help from but like any job, experience is vital. So how do you get experience in a job you have never done before?

Well quite simply the best way into any industry that you have no experience in is to simply offer your services as a volunteer. You will gain a wealth of experience through volunteering at live venues. With the event industry you will be working with large groups of people, solving problems, have to be organised and motivated, all of which would be great experience and look great on your CV. If you're keen and work hard you could even get yourself a reference. Having voluntary work on your CV shows potential employers you're keen to work and serious about working in the industry.

So where to you start? There are many concert halls, conventions, clubs, sporting events around the country that you could approach. The types of jobs are very varied. Jobs such as security, catering, runners, AV (audio visual) crew, technical crew, sales, managers, directors, talent bookers, waiters, managers and directors... I could go on. You could start off as a runner, and in a few years be running the whole show!

If you're thinking of working at music festivals and the like because you think it's a great way of going to all the events without paying. Well this could be classed as one perk, but you will be working away, possibly behind the scenes and not have time to sit and watch the show. Your there to help the show go as smoothly as possible. As a volunteer you should be watching and learning from all the paid event workers, making yourself invaluable. Volunteering could be classed as a form of networking because you will working along site like-minded business people in the industry. If you show your stuff, get some contacts you will soon be well on the way to working alongside these people but being on the payroll.

Once you have experience you could approach events or recruitment companies. You could look online as most recruitment companies show all their vacancies on their websites. But it is all down to you. Like any job, you need to work hard, sell yourself well the fruits of your labour will come to harvest.

For more information of events jobs including event management jobs contact Live-recruitment today.

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Town Hall Box office: 01642 729 729

Did You Know!
Although the town is often thought of as a relatively recent settlement without much history, the name Middlesbrough can be traced back a long way. Mydilsburgh is the earliest recorded form of the name. The element '-burgh', from the Old English burh (meaning 'fort') denotes an ancient fort or settlement of pre-Anglian origin. The spelling brough sets Middlesbrough apart from other English towns, which typically use the spelling borough.

Town Hall Enquiries/Box Office: 01642 729 729

Box Office opening times:
Mon to Wed: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Thurs: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Fri: 10:00am - 4:30pm
Sat: 9:00am - 1:30pm

Middlesbrough Town Hall, Albert Road, Middlesbrough,
Cleveland. TS1 1LP.

Please note there are excellent road
and rail links as well as an International airport.

Car parking is available at the Cleveland Shopping Centre
opposite the Town Hall.
Secure late night parking is available at nearby Gurney Street.

email: info@middlesbroughtownhall.co.uk

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Middlesbrough is a very large town in the northeast of England, in the county of north Yorkshire. It has a population of almost 150,000 and is located approximately 250 miles away from London due north. Due to is rapidly growing population, a number of towns and villages which were once outlying settlements are now suburbs of the town itself.

The town is located on the southern shores of the River Tees which is only a few miles away from the national park, North York Moors.
The second largest port in the United Kingdom is also located in the area, about 3 miles due east of the town itself. There is also an airport nearby, The Durham Tees Valley Airport.

Middlesbrough is now home to a university which was established in 1992. As a result, the town has developed a lively student atmosphere and a significant nightlife. There is also a growing arts scene with a local institute of modern art which opened a few years ago. Areas of the town are currently being redeveloped in an extremely expensive investment programme.


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