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A Profile of Middlesbrough Town Hall Town Hall Box office: 01642 729 729 Wed 28 Jun 2017
Wristbands For Concerts - By Timothy Bennett

Every musical style comes with its own personality, whether it is the relaxing sounds of smooth jazz or the hardcore intensity of heavy metal. Compliment your upcoming musical event with concert wristbands. These come in an array of colors and styles, so make a choice that fits both musical preference and budget. Fans will love wearing flashy, boldly designed concert wristbands and may even decide to keep them as souvenirs!

Do not limit concert wristbands to a single color. While a basic design may require the least amount of research, take the time to weigh options. Locating a design that fits the music will impress concert goers and add to the overall experience. Offering a high quality, attractive wristband may earn favorable comments and feedback for the venue and all responsible for organizing the concert.

There is no shortage of unique looks. Some include a solid color scheme with a dramatic design. Whether you prefer a Celtic, tribal, biker look or something more patriotic or religious, the options are endless. By selecting a wristband that fits the artist's style, you will be more likely to appease fans as well!

Concert wristbands do not have to use the basic straight edge design, although that style is available. Some organizers prefer a little more personality with their details. Try a wavy edge or a narrow band design. These come with the same utility as any other concert wristband, but offer a little more variation. Impress even seasoned concert goers with a design that is completely new!

Just as the color scheme does not have to be monochromatic, concert wristbands do not have to have a matte finish. Add shimmery highlights within the design. If you prefer, go all out with a holographic wristband. Even the most basic aspects of the concert experience can have creative depth! Plus, when using mood lighting or pyrotechnics, holographic wristbands will add to the atmosphere by creating a light show among the audience!

Concert wristbands should be just as unique as the artist and fans who have come together to celebrate the music. Avoid boring band designs that will go unnoticed. Instead, enhance the musical experience by opting for flashy, creative wristbands that concert goers will love. The small details will earn your venue even more compliments from enthusiastic fans!

For more information, please visit our Wristbands For Concerts website.

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Town Hall Box office: 01642 729 729

Did You Know!
Although the town is often thought of as a relatively recent settlement without much history, the name Middlesbrough can be traced back a long way. Mydilsburgh is the earliest recorded form of the name. The element '-burgh', from the Old English burh (meaning 'fort') denotes an ancient fort or settlement of pre-Anglian origin. The spelling brough sets Middlesbrough apart from other English towns, which typically use the spelling borough.

Town Hall Enquiries/Box Office: 01642 729 729

Box Office opening times:
Mon to Wed: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Thurs: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Fri: 10:00am - 4:30pm
Sat: 9:00am - 1:30pm

Middlesbrough Town Hall, Albert Road, Middlesbrough,
Cleveland. TS1 1LP.

Please note there are excellent road
and rail links as well as an International airport.

Car parking is available at the Cleveland Shopping Centre
opposite the Town Hall.
Secure late night parking is available at nearby Gurney Street.

email: info@middlesbroughtownhall.co.uk

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Middlesbrough is a very large town in the northeast of England, in the county of north Yorkshire. It has a population of almost 150,000 and is located approximately 250 miles away from London due north. Due to is rapidly growing population, a number of towns and villages which were once outlying settlements are now suburbs of the town itself.

The town is located on the southern shores of the River Tees which is only a few miles away from the national park, North York Moors.
The second largest port in the United Kingdom is also located in the area, about 3 miles due east of the town itself. There is also an airport nearby, The Durham Tees Valley Airport.

Middlesbrough is now home to a university which was established in 1992. As a result, the town has developed a lively student atmosphere and a significant nightlife. There is also a growing arts scene with a local institute of modern art which opened a few years ago. Areas of the town are currently being redeveloped in an extremely expensive investment programme.


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